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The Rituxan Immunology Co-pay Card Program helps eligible commercially insured patients with their drug co-pays for Rituxan.

Eligible commercially insured patients can receive up to $15,000 in assistance per 12-month period. They pay $5 per drug co-pay* until the $15,000 limit is reached. See Terms and Conditions for more information.

  • Is your patient insured?

  • Does the patient's insurance cover his or her Rituxan?

  • Does your patient have commercial insurance?

    What does this mean?
  • Has your patient already been referred to the Rituxan Immunology Co-pay Card Program and is either ineligible or no longer receiving assistance?

  • Has your patient already been referred to an independent co-pay assistance foundation and is either ineligible or no longer receiving assistance?

  • Is the patient using Rituxan for an FDA-approved indication?

Your Patient Might Qualify for a Referral to the Rituxan Immunology Co-pay Card Program

If eligible commercially insured patients need assistance with their out-of-pocket costs, Genentech Rheumatology Access Solutions can refer them to the Rituxan Immunology Co-pay Card Program.*


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*In order to be eligible for the Rituxan Immunology Co-pay Card Program, the patient must have commercial insurance, must not have Medicare, Medicaid or other government insurance, and must meet other eligibility criteria. They must also agree to the rules set forth in the terms and conditions for the program. Please visit for the full list of terms and conditions.

Your Patient Might Qualify for a Referral to an Independent Co-pay Assistance Foundation

For eligible patients with commercial or public health insurance, Genentech Rheumatology Access Solutions offers referrals to independent co-pay assistance foundations.*


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*Genentech and Biogen do not influence or control the operations or eligibility criteria of any independent co-pay assistance foundation and cannot guarantee co-pay assistance after a referral from Genentech Rheumatology Access Solutions. The foundations to which we refer patients are not exhaustive or indicative of Genentech’s or Biogen's endorsement or financial support. There may be other foundations to support the patient's disease state.

Your Patient Might Qualify for a Referral to the Genentech Patient Foundation

The Genentech Patient Foundation provides free Rituxan to people who don't have insurance coverage or who have financial concerns and to people who meet certain income criteria.*


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*To be eligible for free Rituxan from the Genentech Patient Foundation, insured patients who have coverage for their medicine must have exhausted all other forms of patient assistance (including the Rituxan Immunology Co-pay Card Program and support from independent co-pay assistance foundations) and must meet financial criteria. Uninsured patients and insured patients without coverage for their medicine must meet different financial criteria.

To learn more about how Rituxan Immunology Access Solutions can help your patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA):

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*The final amount owed by patients may be as little as $5, but may vary based on health insurance plan policies regarding manufacturer copay assistance programs.
By using the Rituxan Immunology Co-pay Card Program, the patient acknowledges and confirms that, at the time of usage, (s)he is currently eligible and meets the criteria set forth in the terms and conditions described.
This Copay Card is valid ONLY for patients with commercial (private or non-governmental) insurance who are taking the medication for a Food and Drug Administration (FDA)‑approved indication. Patients using Medicare, Medicaid, Medigap, Veteran's Affairs (VA), Department of Defense (DoD), TRI CARE or any other government-funded program to pay for their medications are not eligible. Patients who start utilizing their government coverage during their enrollment period will no longer be eligible for the program.
This Copay Card Program is not health insurance or a benefit plan. Distribution or use of the Co-pay Card does not obligate use or continuing use of any specific product or provider. Patient or guardian is responsible for reporting the receipt of all Copay Card Program benefits or reimbursement received to any insurer, health plan, or other third party who pays for or reimburses any part of the prescription filled using the Copay Card Program, as may be required.
The Copay Card is not valid for medications the patient receives for free or that are eligible to be reimbursed by private insurance plans or other healthcare or pharmaceutical assistance programs (such as Genentech® Patient Foundation or any other charitable organization) that reimburse the patient in part or for the entire cost of his/her Genentech medication. Patient, guardian, pharmacist, prescriber, and any other person using the Copay Card agree not to seek reimbursement for all or any part of the benefit received by the recipient through this Copay Card Program.
The Copay Card may be accepted by participating pharmacies, physician offices, or hospitals. To qualify for the benefits of this Copay Card Program, the patient may be required to pay out-of-pocket expenses for each treatment. Once enrolled, this Copay Card Program will not honor claims with date of service or medication dispensing that precede program enrollment by more than 120 days. This Copay Card is only available with a valid prescription and cannot be combined with any other rebate, free trial, or similar offer for the specified prescription. Use of this Copay Card must be consistent with all relevant health insurance requirements and payer agreements. Participating patients, pharmacies, physician offices, and hospitals are obligated to inform third-party payers about the use of the Copay Card as provided for under the applicable insurance or as otherwise required by contract or law The Copay Card may not be sold, purchased, traded, or offered for sale, purchase, or trade. The Copay Card is limited to 1 per person during this offer period and is not transferable. Program eligibility period is contingent upon patient's ability to meet and maintain all requirements as set forth by the program. Genentech will periodically verify eligibility and will terminate patients without obligation to pay claims if change to status is detected. This program is not valid where prohibited by law, and shall follow state restrictions in relation to AB-rated generic equivalents where applicable (e.g. MA, CA).
The patient or their guardian must be 18 years or older to receive Copay Card Program assistance. This Copay Card Program is (1) void if the card is reproduced; (2) void where prohibited by law; (3) only valid in the United States and U.S. Territories; and (4) only valid for Genentech products. Healthcare providers may not advertise or otherwise use the program as a means of promoting their seivices or Genentech's products to patients. Genentech reseives the right to rescind, revoke, or amend the program without notice at any time.