Treat every 6 months (24 weeks) or based on clinical evaluation, but no sooner than every 4 months (16 weeks).[13]


Rituxan Dosing Schedule

6-Month Interval Dosing From the Rituxan Prescribing Information

Recommendations From the Rituxan Prescribing Information

Rituxan should be administered by a healthcare professional with appropriate medical support to manage severe infusion-related reactions that can be fatal if they occur.[13]

Administer Rituxan as two 1000-mg intravenous infusions separated by 2 weeks.[13]

  • Rituxan is given in combination with methotrexate[13]
  • Glucocorticoids administered as methylprednisolone 100 mg intravenous or its equivalent 30 minutes prior to each infusion to reduce the incidence and severity of infusion-related reactions[13]
  • Premedicate before each infusion with acetaminophen and an antihistamine[13]
  • Only the Rituxan 2 x 1000-mg (full dose) treatment group demonstrated a statistically significant reduction in mTSS[13]

mTSS=modified total Sharp score.